From pick up to delivery to destination, our work team carries out detailed tracking of the transit of your merchandise, to inform you of any new shipment, clarity of instructions and personalized communication with our customers, that in each shipment costs are improved and response times

It is a fast transport option with worldwide connectivity through our network of agents abroad, having a total control of origin to destination, can be handled airport-airport or door-to-door, depending on your need, our Permanent communication with the client allows to know the state of the goods in a timely manner.

logo-trazer-carga-02  Cargo Consolidation

logo-trazer-carga-02   Re-paletización

logo-trazer-carga-02  Door to door service

logo-trazer-carga-02   Airport service – airport

logo-trazer-carga-02   Package

logo-trazer-carga-02   Handling of dangerous cargo

It is offered for border collection or international dispatches in authorized vehicles in our neighboring countries. It is important to know the delivery conditions to advise you on the most suitable vehicles for your merchandise and the delivery conditions

logo-trazer-carga-02  Door to door service

logo-trazer-carga-02   Border crossing

logo-trazer-carga-02   International transport documents

logo-trazer-carga-02   Border storage

logo-trazer-carga-02   Special projects

You can count on our support for the inland transport of your nationalized or non-nationalized merchandise; our experience allows fast and reliable transportation operations, allowing you to also meet delivery times to your customers:

logo-trazer-carga-02   Container transport

logo-trazer-carga-02   Freight Transport

logo-trazer-carga-02   ITR

logo-trazer-carga-02  Merchandise on travel continuation OTM / DTA

logo-trazer-carga-02  Redistribution

logo-trazer-carga-02   Extra dimensioned or overweight loads

logo-trazer-carga-02   Special projects

It combines both modalities to offer him better time of traffic of agreement to his needs. From the withdrawal of the goods up to the delivery in destination. Our equipment of work realizes detailed follow-up of the traffic of his goods, the clarity in the instructions and the communication personalized with our clients they achieve that in every sending costs are improved and times.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Consolidation of load

logo-trazer-carga-02   handle in containers standard and special

logo-trazer-carga-02  Door to door service

logo-trazer-carga-02   Cargo handling  Break Bulk

logo-trazer-carga-02   Chartering

logo-trazer-carga-02   Special projects and it loads extra measured

logo-trazer-carga-02   Ro / Ro transport service

Trazer Carga


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