We want to work hand in hand with importers and exporters and their work teams so that the logistic gear is easy to understand, so that safe processes can be developed in their operations, reducing costs and ensuring continuous improvement. To achieve this, the people in charge of foreign trade in your company must be able to know the logistic terms, understand the operational and customs processes, identify the negotiation terms with suppliers and know the modalities of payment among others.

In addition, our staff with more than 15 years of experience in the international business sector is able to advise your company through personalized conferences and workshops, according to the opportunities for improvement that are identified in related topics such as:

logo-trazer-carga-02   Trazer is able to advise our clients on a sustainable logistics model that allows them to develop their business, gradually implementing an internationalization process that allows companies to grow in the short, medium and long term.

logo-trazer-carga-02   We offer consultancy on the design, development or redesign of international business models.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Design and implementation of innovation systems

logo-trazer-carga-02  We are experts in international payment methods and the implementation of these in the international strategy of the company.

logo-trazer-carga-02  Conferences on foreign trade on specialized topics of Logistics and foreign trade and international that allows companies and people in charge of the internationalization processes to know essential import and export issues, strategy generating future competencies.

Trazer Carga


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