Our Mission

TRAZER CARGA is a company that generates value to its clients in its foreign trade logistics operations, seeking intelligent cargo handling and designing safe, reliable and efficient logistics models guaranteeing the company’s financial sustainability.

The company is a family company created by the initiative and entrepreneurship of people with extensive experience in logistics, foreign trade and international trade. It provides maritime, air and land cargo services through representations of international companies that guarantee the efficient and intelligent load handling that supports the international strategy of our clients.

In addition, and as related services to logistics companies, the company will be able to offer consulting services related to the internationalization strategy and the international business model (NMI).

TRAZER CARGA offers flexibility in its processes to be able to attend any type of cargo in an intelligent way generating value to our clients with an integral management of their logistics operations.

TRAZER offers our customers

logo-trazer-carga-02   Experience of its managers of more than fifteen years in the logistics and foreign trade sector.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Flexible processes that can quickly adapt to the needs of our customers.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Worldwide coverage through our agent network.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Short and direct communication channels with our customers.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Security processes in the handling of operations.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Development of the entire logistics chain through reliable business partners.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Extensive knowledge of our suppliers.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Portfolio of products that guarantee an integral logistics management.

logo-trazer-carga-02  Interest in innovating services that add value to customerss.

[1] The concept of intelligent and efficient loading will be our promise of value and refers to the good handling of your cargo with good criteria of time, condition and price. 

Trazer Carga


Calle 7C No. 70B – 71
Tel: (57) (1) 5644709


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