TRAZER CARGA is a company that operates in the logistics industry and international and foreign trade; our focus will be especially on logistics services for the handling of international maritime, land and air cargo transportation

We offer advice and accompaniment on the logistics processes to the importer and the exporter, developing according to their needs, advice on completing the required documentation, verification, preparation, shipping and collection of the goods, preparation of loading documents, customs until delivery your client, if required. We have a global coverage through our different agents.


Trazer Carga  is a company that generates value to its clients in its foreign trade logistics operations, seeking intelligent cargo handling and designing safe, reliable and efficient logistics models guaranteeing the company’s financial sustainability.

International Transport

From pick up to delivery to destination, Our work team carries out detailed tracking of the transit of your merchandise, to inform you of any new shipment and in order to have everything in time before arrival in the destination country, clarity in the instructions and the personalized communication with our clients, ensure that in each shipment costs and response times are improved.

¿What maritime services can I handle with Trazer Carga?

logo-trazer-carga-02   Cargo Consolidation.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Handling in standard and special containers.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Door to door services.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Manejo de carga Break Bulk.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Fletamento.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Cargo Handling Break Bulk.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Ro / Ro transport service.

It is a fast transport option with worldwide connectivity through our network of agents abroad, having a total control of origin to destination, can be handled airport – airport or with the door – to – door facility, depending on your need, our permanent communication with the customer allows to know the state of the goods in a timely manner.

¿What air services can you handle with Trazer Carga?

logo-trazer-carga-02  Cargo Consolidation.

logo-trazer-carga-02    Re-palletizing.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Door to door service.

logo-trazer-carga-02  Airport service – airport.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Package.

logo-trazer-carga-02  Handling of dangerous cargo


It is offered for border delivery or international dispatches in authorized vehicles in our neighboring countries. It is important to know the delivery conditions to advise you on the most suitable vehicles for your merchandise and the delivery conditions.

¿What international ground transportation services can you handle with Trazer Carga?

logo-trazer-carga-02   Door to door service.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Border crossing.

logo-trazer-carga-02    International transport documents.

logo-trazer-carga-02    Border storage.

logo-trazer-carga-02  Special projects.

You can count on our support for the inland transportation of your nationalized or non-nationalized goods; our experience allows fast and reliable transportation operations, allowing you to also deliver delivery times to your customers:

¿What land transportation services in Colombia can you handle with Trazer Carga in your export process?

logo-trazer-carga-02    Container transport.

logo-trazer-carga-02    Freight Transport.

logo-trazer-carga-02    ITR.

logo-trazer-carga-02    Merchandise on travel continuation OTM / DTA.

logo-trazer-carga-02    Redistribution.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Extra dimensioned or overweight loads.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Special projects.

One of the key factors for importers and exporters is to have an experienced business partner with a rapid response capability for nationalization or customs procedures in the importer’s country. Work we do coordinated with our agents abroad and in Colombia with a national coverage in ports, borders and major cities that allows direct contact with entities such as DIAN, National Police Antinarcotics, and inspectors of ICA and INVIMA among others.


Our complementary storage service is easily adapted to the handling of your cargoes, since the union of trained personnel and specialized software, allow us to offer reliability in the handling of your cargo and of your inventories inside the warehouse, as well as the enlistment of orders in the agreed times. We can offer not only national cargo storage, also if it requires authorized warehouse of Customs and Free Zones in the main cities of Colombia or abroad through our authorized agents.

In order to minimize our importing and exporting customers any risks inherent in the transport of their goods, we developed together with our insurance adviser a merchandise policy with door-to-door coverage, low deductibles and quick answers. It is important that you always have your cargo secured. A low investment that gives you the peace of mind you need before any loss.

We want to work hand in hand with importers and exporters and their work teams so that the logistic gear is easy to understand, so that safe processes can be developed in their operations, reducing costs and ensuring continuous improvement. To achieve this, the people in charge of foreign trade in your company must be able to know the logistic terms, understand the operational and customs processes, identify the negotiation terms with suppliers and know the modalities of payment among others.

In addition, our staff with more than 15 years of experience in the international business sector is able to advise your company through personalized conferences and workshops, according to the opportunities for improvement that are identified in related topics such as:

logo-trazer-carga-02 Trazer is able to advise our clients on a sustainable logistics model that allows them to develop their business, gradually  implementing an internationalization process that allows companies to grow in the short, medium and long term.

logo-trazer-carga-02  We offer consultancy on the design, development or redesign of international business models.

logo-trazer-carga-02  Design and implementation of innovation systems.

logo-trazer-carga-02  We are experts in international payment methods and the implementation of these in the international strategy of the company.

logo-trazer-carga-02 Conferences on foreign trade on specialized topics of Logistics and foreign trade and international that allows companies and  people in charge of the internationalization processes to know essential import and export issues, strategy generating future  competencies..

o   Workshops on logistic models.

o   Workshops in international means of payment.

o   Workshops on international negotiation.

o   Seminars on internationalization models.

o   Workshops on business models CANVAS methodology.

o   Conferences on innovation systems.

o   Workshops on foreign investment and Colombia abroad.

Information Center

Documentation required to work with us

  • Vinculación Trazer Carga ( Vigencia 1 año)
  • Documento de constitución: Tax ID, RUT, RUC, NIT, Etc
  • Datos cuenta Bancaria para realizar la transferencia en el momento acordado
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