We offer advice and accompaniment on the logistic processes to the exporter developed to suit your needs, advice on filling in the required documentation, verification, preparation and collection of the merchandise, preparation of loading documents, customs until delivery of your client, if it is we have a global coverage through our different agents.

International Transport

From pick up to delivery to destination, our work team carries out detailed tracking of the transit of your merchandise, to inform you of any new shipment, clarity of instructions and personalized communication with our customers, that in each shipment costs are improved and response times.

¿What shipping services can you handle with Trazer Carga for your import process?

logo-trazer-carga-02 Cargo Consolidation.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Handling in standard and special containers.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Door to door services.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Cargo Handling Break Bulk.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Chartering.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Special projects and extra dimensioned load.

logo-trazer-carga-02  Ro / Ro transport service.

It is a fast transport option with worldwide connectivity through our network of agents abroad, having a total control of origin to destination, can be handled airport-airport or door-to-door, depending on your need, our Permanent communication with the client allows to know the state of the goods in a timely manner.

¿What air services can you handle with Trazer Carga  for your import process?

logo-trazer-carga-02   Cargo Consolidation.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Re- palletizing.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Door to door service.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Airport service – airport.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Package.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Handling of dangerous cargo.

It is offered for border collection or international dispatches in authorized vehicles in our neighboring countries. It is important to know the delivery conditions to advise you on the most suitable vehicles for your merchandise and the delivery conditions.

¿What international ground transportation services can you handle with Trazer Carga to your import process?

logo-trazer-carga-02  Door to door service.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Border crossing.

logo-trazer-carga-02  International transport documents.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Border storage.

logo-trazer-carga-02  Special projects.

You can count on our support for the inland transport of your nationalized or non-nationalized merchandise; our experience allows fast and reliable transportation operations, allowing you to also meet delivery times to your customers:

¿What land transportation services in Colombia can you handle with Trazer Carga for your import process?

logo-trazer-carga-02  Container transport.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Freight Transport.

logo-trazer-carga-02   ITR.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Merchandise on travel continuation OTM / DTA.

logo-trazer-carga-02  Redistribution.

logo-trazer-carga-02   Extra dimensioned or overweight loads.

logo-trazer-carga-02  Special projects.

One of the key factors for importers is to have an experienced business partner with a rapid response capability for their nationalization or customs formalities. For us it is a pleasure to complement our foreign trade advice with a commercial partner that has the key factors you require, in addition to the national coverage in ports, borders and major cities that allows direct contact with entities such as DIAN, National Anti-Narcotics Police, Inspectors of ICA and INVIMA among others.

Our complementary storage service is easily adapted to the handling of your cargoes, since the union of trained personnel and specialized software, allow us to offer reliability in the handling of your cargo and of your inventories inside the warehouse, as well as the enlistment of orders In the agreed times. We can offer not only national cargo storage, also if it requires authorized warehouse of Customs and Free Zones in the main cities of Colombia.

In pursuit of minimizing our customers on any inherent risk of freight transport, we developed together with our insurance consultant a policy of merchandise with door-to-door coverage, low deductibles and quick answers. It is important that you always have your cargo secured. A low investment that gives you the peace of mind you need before any loss.

We want to work hand in hand with your work team so that the logistics gear is easy to understand, that you can develop safe processes in your operations, reducing costs and ensuring continuous improvement. To achieve this, the people in charge of foreign trade in your company must be able to know the logistic terms, understand the operational and customs processes, identify the negotiation terms with suppliers and know the modalities of payment among others.

In addition, our staff, with more than 15 years of experience in the international business sector, is able to advise your company through personalized conferences and workshops, according to the opportunities for improvement that are identified in related topics such as:

logo-trazer-carga-02  Trazer is able to advise our clients on a sustainable logistics model that allows them to develop their business, gradually implementing an internationalization process that allows companies to grow in the short, medium and long term.

logo-trazer-carga-02   We offer consultancy on the design, development or redesign of international business models.

logo-trazer-carga-02  Design and implementation of innovation systems.

logo-trazer-carga-02   We are experts in international payment methods and the implementation of these in the international strategy of the company.

logo-trazer-carga-02  Conferences on foreign trade on specialized topics of Logistics and foreign trade and international that allows companies and people in charge of the internationalization processes to know essential import and export issues, strategy generating future skills.

o   Workshops on logistic models.

o   Workshops in international means of payment.

o   Workshops on international negotiation.

o   Seminars on internationalization models.

o   Workshops on business models CANVAS methodology.

o   Conferences on innovation systems.

o   Workshops on foreign investment and Colombia abroad.

Documentation needed to work with us

Initial documentation
  • Bonding Trazer Carga (Effective 1 year)
  • Chamber and current trade (No more than 1 month)
  • RUT Updated
  • Identification card of the Legal Representative
  • Notice 170 Trazer (enclosed as Format 006 – Circular 170)
  • Copy of Quality or safety certifications such as BASC, ISO, Others (if you have the company)
  • Latest Financial Statements (balance sheet and income statement)
  • Commercial certification
  • Bank Certification
  • Visit Format (enclosed as Format 003 – Visitor’s Record)
Export documents
  • Export documents (for each shipment)
  • Registration with the Anti-narcotics Police, if not registered, the legal representative must personally appear with an official of the customs agency at the airport with the following documents: Original Chamber of Commerce In force and copy, Photocopy Identification card Legal Representative extended to 150 %, 2 Photos of the Legal Representative, Photocopy of the Rut of the Company with the Code enabled as an exporter, Photocopy Invoice or Packing List, Codensa Receipt (Public Service). Please confirm the Availability of the Legal Representative, to coordinate the appointment and to be able to register. This Registration is valid for one year, to carry out export processes. Anti-narcotic address (: Av. El Dorado 98 50, old building Dollar, nears the statues)
  • Commercial invoice: which must have Date, Data of the importer / exporter, invoice number, negotiation currency, description of the cargo, quantities, unit prices, total prices, form of payment, incoterm.
  • Packing List: with the detailed description of the purchase order
  • Certificate of origin or criterion of origin: if you do not have it, we can process it with your authorization and with the fulfillment of the power (see format in Customs procedure, called Dynamic Power DIAN – VUCE)
  • Tariff heading
  • Container Removal Authorization Letter (Attach as container removal authorization, Omit if International transportation is handled by Trazer Carga)
  • Letter of Responsibility: (Attached as a Letter of Responsibility, fill in completely, print in company stationery, sign by the Legal Representative or authorized person in Anti-Narcotics, post the signature of the person signing the letter, It must be sent with the driver of the vehicle to be allowed to enter the terminal)
  • Confirmed Booking by Shipping Company, Shipping Instruction Confirmed by Shipping Company, VGM (Omit if International Shipping is Handled by Trazer Carga)


Natural person
  • Minutes of visit (attached as Dynamic Minutes of visit)
  • Notice 170 Dynamic (attached as Notice Dynamics 170, signed by legal representative)
  • RUT Natural Person
  • Certificate of income and withholdings
  • Bank statement
  • Personal reference
  • Income statement
  • Lease or certificate of tradition
  • Bank Certification
  • Powers before DIAN Vuce (attached as power format VUCE FUCE, signed legal representative), General Mandate (attached as Dynamic Mandate General, fill in the field of principal, signed legal representative, authenticated)
  • Powers before the port (see according to Place of Customs Processing: Buenaventura, Cartagena)
Legal person
  • Minutes of visit (attached as Dynamic Minutes of visit)
  • Notice 170 Dynamic (attached as Notice Dynamics 170, signed by legal representative)
  • RUT Legal Representative
  • Statement of changes in equity
  • Statement of changes in financial position
  • Notes to the financial statements
  • Tax review opinion
  • Income statement
  • Certificate of tradition (if you have own offices)
  • Lease agreement (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of an accountant and / or tax auditor
  • Professional card accountant and / or tax auditor’s card
  • Certification Background Central Board of Accountants and / or Fiscal Auditor
  • Powers before DIAN Vuce (attached as power format VUCE FUCE, signed legal representative), General Mandate (attached as Dynamic Mandate General, fill in the field of principal, signed legal representative, authenticated)
  • Powers before the port (see according to Place of Customs Processing: Buenaventura, Cartagena)
Powers Customs Processing in Port



  • TCBUEN Unique Linkage Form (attached, completed, signed by the Legal Representative and authenticated)
  • TCBUEN Mandate (attached, complete, print on letterhead, sign by the Legal Representative and authenticate)
  • SPRBUN Client record (attached, fully completed, signed by the Legal Representative and authenticated)
  • SPRBUN Mandate (attached, complete, print on letterhead, sign by Legal Representative and authenticate)
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